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tyeneisha robinson

Board of Directors

Tyeneisha, affectionately known as Tye, has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Trauma-Informed Education. Tye has dedicated her life to working with children and families. At age 19, Tye worked for a non profit daycare with children who reside with their families in the adjacent shelter. On weekends she would voluntarily take some of the children to visit the zoo, amusement parks and various other activities in the area. This respite care served as a break for moms in need. This opportunity opened her heart to fostering years later. Tye is currently a therapeutic foster parent and works full-time with students in Richland School District Two. She is loved and supported by her husband, Zo, daughter, Ariel, and son, Zye. Tye is grateful for all the children who have come through her door and taught her family many priceless lessons on humility, compassion, unconditional love, perseverance and resilience. Though this journey may have challenges, surprises, and down right difficult moments, Tye is dedicated to advocating and supporting others by building strong relationships. In the end, it is Tye’s hope that when determining the best course of action that we always remember our “why”!

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