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Our Impact

In 2023, Flourishing Families prioritized listening to the voices of individuals with lived experience. We adapted throughout the year to live out the TBRI® Mantra: See the need. Meet the need. Find a way. If not you, then who?


Only 4 of the 79 families engaged in Adoptive Family Support Services qualified for Tier 1 Services in 2023. As a result, we saw the need to focus on proactive preparation prior to placement. Home study approved families can now access TBRI® training and support groups tailored for them while waiting to be matched with a child.


Since families flourish in connected communities, we began training professionals in the same trauma-focused attachment-based approach as parents. We taught nearly 600 participants the connecting, empowering, and correcting principles in 2023 via our monthly webinars, Child Abuse Prevention Trainings, trainings tailored for professionals, and Meet the Need Statewide Training on Adoption in 2023.


We collaborated with like-minded organizations to increase our impact and launch the SC TBRI® Practitioner Network in May. As a result, most of the presenters of keynote and breakout sessions at the first annual adoption training were TBRI® Practitioners. Additionally, six SC organizations were added to our web-based resource guide, easing access to service referrals.


In the new year, we will continue to see the needs of vulnerable children and find innovative ways to offer hope and healing to SC families.

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