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Jennifer giugliano

Director of Operations

Jennifer Giugliano is a seasoned professional with an impressive 20-year track record in the realms of business administration and non-profit development. Her journey towards expertise began with her educational foundation, where she honed her skills at Trident Technical College and Charleston Southern University.

Jennifer's passion extends beyond her professional endeavors and delves into the realm of parenting. Her transformative experience with Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) has not only left a profound impact on her life but has also reshaped her parenting style.

Driven by her deep-rooted belief in the power of TBRI®, Jennifer is dedicated to spreading awareness about this revolutionary approach to parenting and caregiving. Her personal experience has illuminated the transformative potential that TBRI® holds for individuals and families, and she is committed to sharing this knowledge with others.

Jennifer Giugliano's unique blend of professional expertise, educational background, and personal passion for TBRI® makes her a valuable advocate for positive change and growth, both within the business and non-profit sectors and within the homes of families seeking to strengthen their bonds and nurture healthy relationships.

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