• Caregiver training includes direct TBRI® Caregiver Training consisting of TBRI® Introduction and Overview Module that incorporates videos, discussion, and skills practice. This 5-hour training is typically taught in a group format for $25 per caregiver.

  • Family Training includes 15 hours of TBRI® Caregiver Training Modules: Connecting Strategies, Empowering Strategies, and Correcting Strategies taught over a three-month period through personal meetings via video chat or in-person meeting between practitioner and caregivers. Additional 15 hours of training are built in via scheduled phone calls, video chat, and in-person meetings as well as unplanned e-mails, text messages for additional support over the course of three months. These contacts between practitioner and caregiver focus on skills review, needs identification, and planning interventions that caregiver can immediately implement with the children in their care. This service totals 30 hours over a 3-month period at the cost of $1500 per family.

    Scholarships are available if finances are a barrier to a family needing services.

  • Family Coaching includes direct observation of family interactions in the natural environment, feedback regarding strengths and needs, modeling of techniques, skills practice, and progress monitoring. Sessions range from 1 to 4 hours in length. These personalized sessions cost $50 per hour of service. 

    Scholarships are available if finances are a barrier to a family needing services. 

  • Professionals that would like to refer a family for TBRI® Caregiver Training, Family Training and/or Coaching

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